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Customized Footballs Bring More Excitement to College Ball

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Big Game USA is proud to be the premier manufacturer of official Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college game balls. Many of our footballs used in games each week are branded with a Nike or Adidas, but some only include a Big Game logo. Regardless of branding, all footballs manufactured at our Dallas, Texas facility usually see lots game and practice time.

Some of the more well-known teams we make footballs for include 2 of the 4 teams chosen to compete in the first ever college football playoffs (Alabama and Florida State) and other high profile teams, including:

We don’t just supply NCAA-compliant, FBS footballs though. We work closely with quarterbacks to develop a ball specific to their needs…

In fact, Big Game USA is the only supplier to go to these lengths.

What we first do is let the quarterback sample different types of footballs we produce.

During this time, we take measurements of the QB’s hand to determine the ideal size and shape. A “slim” ball will have a smaller nose while a “pro” version more closely resembles an NFL ball. As you can probably tell, a “slim” ball is for QB’s with smaller hands.

The thickness and material of the laces is another decision. Thicker laces provide better grip for the QB, but produce more wind drag.

We take this information and build, by hand, footballs to the specifications outlined by the QB and team. Most of these footballs are sent to the team for practice and actual games.

Fans for certain teams though can purchase the same type ball we send to that school. These commemorative footballs include Big Game’s and the team’s logo. Click here for a complete list, and check back often for new additions.

We invite you to learn more about how we develop the ideal football for your favorite quarterback and team by reading our latest article in The Playbook – How We Make Those Customized Footballs You See On Game Day. We also invite you to read more about the revolutionary gametagTM chip and app, and be on the lookout for the gametagTM logo when watching your favorite team!

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August 23, 2017 at 3:32 pm, Sarah Kaiser said:

Thank you Eden for your comment. We are working hard each day to improve and bring the great game of football to more and more fans – and bring more and more footballs to fans of their respective teams.

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