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How We Make Those Customized Footballs You See On Game Day

Learn about our process for choosing and producing footballs tailored to the individual quarterback and team’s needs

Many would agree that college football teams have the most loyal followings, even when a particular team isn’t doing so well.

The visible part of college football – the games, the tailgate parties and other special events – run from late August to the first of January, but the truth is that college football is a year-round endeavor. You have recruiting, try outs, practice, media days, team “training” games and much more.

But one of the most often unnoticed parts of gearing up for the next season is choosing and manufacturing the actual football your team will use on the field, which is perhaps the most important part of preparing for the battle.

Many fans assume the ball is mass produced and identical for each team. This assumption is more or less true for most manufacturers, but nothing could be farther from the truth for footballs manufactured by Big Game USA!!

The process for manufacturing a custom football for competitive play starts with some really basic measurements.

For the most part, Big Game staff work one-on-one with the quarterback, but we also coordinate with coaches, assistant coaches and equipment managers to identify the ideal ball for the team.

We first take a measurement of the QB’s hand from the thumb to the pinky using a basic ruler printed on a board. Using this information and sampling different type footballs, the team chooses its preferred shape – pro or slim. A pro ball has a bigger “girth” and closely resembles a football used in the NFL, whereas a slim ball has a smaller nose.

Generally speaking, a QB with smaller hands will choose the slim ball. And while it’s rumored the pro ball has the better flight pattern, it’s really up to the QB and the coaches, equipment manager and other team stakeholders.

Once size of the ball is chosen, the quarterback and team must then decide on their preferred type of leather and lace

After the QB settles on the size ball, he must then move on to the type of leather and the preferred lace size and type.

The QB has three types of leather to choose from.

Next are the laces, which can affect how well the QB grips the ball and how well it glides through the air. The QB and team have six types of laces to choose from.

Once all of these choices are made, Big Game personnel return to our Dallas facility to construct the football(s) by hand. Although there is much customization, all footballs made for competitive play fall within NCAA guidelines.

No other supplier goes to this much effort to develop the best football for the individual team and quarterback. This level of detail is one of the reasons we are the premier supplier to teams across the country.

Most of the time, the actual football will have a Nike or Adidas logo. But for a few select teams, we’re able to offer the same exact type of football used on the field during practice and game day.

Click on over to our online store to see the teams we have agreements with, and check out factory tour page to see the manufacturing process first hand. And feel free to continue browsing our site, or contact us by email at sales@biggameusa.com or by phone at (972) 292-0700 with any questions.

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