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gametag™: Follow the Ball

Are you a serious football fan? If so, get ready to be one of the first to own a gametag™ certified football from a college game!

What is gametag™?

gametag™ is the latest development in football technology. It allows fans an opportunity to own a piece of football memorabilia, but more than that, gametag™ offers complete authentication. You’ll be able to use an app to trace where a football has been, and confirm that yours is the same ball that was used in that epic game.

How it Works

We are adding gametag™ tracking chips to footballs that will be used in college games throughout the country. Those teams will then return the footballs to us, where we’ll make them available to you.

The gametag™ chip is an innovative development in micro technology that not only tracks location, but actively communicates with the gametag™ app. Footballs equipped with gametag™ interface with our system, where the football’s history can be accessed and authenticated through the app.

For Serious Football Fans and Collectors

While the app will be free, the footballs are one-of-a-kind pieces of memorabilia. You can expect them to sell quickly, and to grow in value – just as the plays memorialized on gametag™ become the stuff of college football legend.

Keep up With gametag™!

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to watch the latest developments. We’ll also be providing regular updates on when the gametag™ football app will be available.

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