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Debate Intensifies as College Playoff Rankings Start Materializing

The first season in the new college football playoff system is entering its final stretch, which means the rankings set by the College Football Playoffs Committee (CFP) become even more significant. We’re just over 2 weeks away from knowing which teams will compete in the first ever Division I Football Bowl Subdivision playoffs.

Debate has been intensifying as to who should be in the top 4, especially after the November 15th matchups. Perhaps the biggest of these matchups led to Alabama climbing from #5 to #1 with their win over Mississippi State, who dropped from #1 to #4.

And much to the ire of Florida State fans, the Seminoles are ranked #3 but are the only team with 0 losses.

(Click here to see current rankings as of Thursday, Nov. 20)

Commenting on this week’s selections, CFP committee chairman Jeff Long explains: “The committee felt Alabama had been right around the top four. With what we considered a decisive win over No. 1 Mississippi State, we really think that combined with their body of work put them in the No. 1 position.”

Where things really get interesting is the #5, #6 and #7 teams, which currently stand at TCU, Ohio State and Baylor respectively. TCU dropped from #4 to #5 in this week’s rankings after struggling to put away Kansas, while Ohio State moved from #8 to #6 after defeating No. 25 Minnesota.

Baylor fans are a bit upset since they’re two slots behind TCU despite the fact they defeated the Horned Frogs back on October 11th.

Where things go from here is anyone’s guess…

For example, if Ohio State finishes out the season and wins the Big-10 title, they could possibly end up in the top 4 come December 7th.

One thing is for sure – the next 2-3 weeks are going to be really interesting…

Which teams do you think will end up in the top 4? Tell us your picks in the comments below, or join the conversation on our Facebook, Google+ or Twitter page today!

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