Michigan Panthers | Official UFL Game Football


Join the claw! Get the official UFL Michigan Panthers Football today!


    Get the official UFL Michigan Panthers Football!

    Every official Michigan Panthers game ball is handcrafted to the specifications of the new, merged League and made to perform at the highest level. The ball’s sleek design featuring premium Horween Red 864 top-grain leather and sueded ProTack+ lace reflects the timeless, modern look of the UFL brand, yet remaining authentic to the game of football. The official UFL Michigan Panthers football showcases the iconic Panthers logo and a metallic, hot-stamped silver UFL logo complimented by Conference marks in bold black.

    Each Michigan Panthers football is built by Big Game Football Factory in Dallas, Texas from start to finish with all domestically sourced raw materials and matches the same specifications as the current footballs used by professional players. Imagine the envy on the faces of fellow Panthers fans as they see this limited edition item in your possession. It is the ultimate conversation starter and the perfect way to showcase your unwavering support for the Michigan Panthers.