three different colored team issue footballs stacked diagonally

Team Issue Tryout Pack


This Tryout Pack includes everything your team needs to see what we can do. From leather and lace to shape and size, we’ve got all the options covered.


    Coaches know the right football can be a difference-maker. A QB knows a great feel of a ball is vital to game success. Get the right ball in the players’ hands, and it could turn what would’ve been an incompletion into a touchdown, even a fumble into a first down. The only true way to know what football suits your team best is to test your options with the Tryout Pack!

    With this Tryout Pack, coaches and quarterbacks get the chance to mix and match, finding the perfect combination that suits the team’s preference. Each Tryout Pack includes three footballs that represent our most popular customization options. Each of these are handcrafted with our special football leather and each is customized with different features. Regardless of the configuration, all Tryout Pack footballs are built according to NFHS rules and specifications and are game official in all 50 states. These three Team Issue footballs can be purchased separately or all together in this Tryout Pack:

    • Pro Style: Designed with the pure passer in mind. Made using pro football’s red 864 leather with a pro shape for bigger handed quarterbacks and a clutch half stripe for a minimalistic feel.
    • Dual Threat: Built for the scrambler who can shred defenses with his arm or his legs. Natural leather, a super slim shape for smaller hands and zigzag Shape Retention Stitch (SRS) for added durability.
    • Money Ball: Our most popular configuration features high-tack brown leather that’s shaped for average-sized hands. The Shape Retention Stitch (SRS) enhances durability and helps the football retain its shape.

    If you’re interested in testing the Tryout Pack and choosing the football perfect for your team, please contact your Team Issue Rep at (972) 292-0700 or by email at

    Due to the process of handling natural, authentic leather, footballs may vary in color from images shown.