Adidas Dime | Green


Brand New Exclusive adidas Dime Green, the Adidas Dime is the football of choice for thousands of players at all levels.


    adidas Dime | Green FootballBrand

    New Exclusive adidas Dime Green Football

    The adidas Dime is the football of choice for thousands of players across all levels. Crafted with dark premium “playoff” leather, this football offers a game-ready, broken-in feel right out of the box. The pebbled lace and raised overlay stripes with precision stitching provide unparalleled grip and control, enhancing your throwing, catching, and kicking performance.

    Now available in four new custom colors, the adidas Dime football includes the exclusive Green edition, as well as Red, Blue, and Chrome. Each color option ensures the adidas Dime stands out on the field.

    Manufactured by Big Game USA, the largest American-owned football factory, the adidas Dime Game Football is trusted for its proven on-field performance by high school and college athletes nationwide. Experience the quality and durability that make the adidas Dime the go-to football for players at every level. Get your Brand New Exclusive adidas Dime Blue Football today and elevate your game.