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Navy breaks TD Rushing Record with micro-chipped football

Keenan Reynolds aims to break FBS TD Record with micro-chipped football

DALLAS, TX – November 12, 2015 – Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds is headed for the record books. Navy’s game against South Florida saw Reynolds tie the record for most career rushing touchdowns in major college football history. In this week’s matchup with SMU, Reynolds looks to break that record, taking sole command of the top spot.

Throughout the entirety of Reynolds’ stellar 2015-16 season –– in which he has already amassed over 750 yards rushing –– the QB has been using a specialized Big Game football equipped with a gametag™ smart chip, a cutting-edge technology that’s allowed for unprecedented insight into Reynolds’ historic run.

In a partnership with Prova Group, Big Game USA, the premier manufacturer of official Football Bowl Subdivision college game balls, has leveraged Prova’s SmarTag™ technology to authenticate and track game used footballs. The device, called gametag™, can track the life of each football, recording its history and ensuring authenticity.

Before gametag™, collectible footballs had to be verified through an expensive and lengthy expert analysis and third party opinion process. Big Game embeds a gametag™ near the football’s laces; using the app, the ball can be tracked from the moment it leaves the factory. Once tracking begins, the history of the ball is recorded and all activity is sent to a secure database operated by Prova.

“We’re excited about the ability to track our game balls with gametag,” said Greg Morgenthaler, assistant athletic director for the US Naval Academy. “The technology gametag uses is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. What Big Game has done is revolutionary, with great potential to advance the game forward.”

“We were the first to put smart ships in football, and we did it for moments just like this,” said Chris Calandro, founder of Big Game USA. “There are sure to be imitators but we’ve pioneered it, and we’re looking forward to seeing how our commitment to progress and development will help better the game.”

“We’d like to congratulate the Navy team for their fantastic season –– a season already full of accomplishments –– and for Keenan’s forthcoming milestone. We’re excited to have been involved in this momentous accomplishment,” Calandro concluded.

To learn more about gametag™ or to get ahold of your own official college football gameball, visit Big Game’s college football store.

About Big Game USA
Big Game USA is the premier manufacturer of official Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college game balls. Its premium leather footballs, from regulation to commemorative, are all handcrafted at Big Game’s facility in Dallas. The company is the largest American-owned football factory and ships more FBS collegiate footballs than any other company in the world.
About gametag™

gametag™ is a cutting-edge technology that immediately changes the way that game balls are authenticated, while also improving quality control of official college footballs. gametag™ smart chips can track the life of each football, recording its history and ensuring authenticity. gametag™ equipped footballs provide a complete historical timeline allowing each tagged ball to have a story.

About Prova Group, Inc.
Prova Group, Inc. is a mobile and IoT company founded by Hall of Fame running back Emmitt Smith. Prova is pioneering the development and use of their SmarTag™ technology and chain of custody platform to protect consumers from counterfeit goods, digitally track the chain of custody of products and connect brands to their customers.

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