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Big Game USA Partners With THSF

DALLAS – May 6, 2015 – Combining their passion for football, Big Game USA announced today its partnership with TexasHSFootball.com, a comprehensive sports website that allows high school football fans to follow the news of their favorite teams throughout Texas.

“This alliance with Big Game just makes sense,” said Ronald Oswalt, VP of Corporate Development at TexasHSFootball.com. “Their expert team handcrafts footballs for high school programs all across the state, so Big Game’s impact is a huge positive for the game in Texas. Partnering with their team is a no-brainer.”

Big Game visits high schools across the state and goes through a fitting process with skilled players. The team decides which ball fits its program best, and Big Game custom makes each football to the quarterback’s preferences for the upcoming season.

Both Big Game and TexasHSFootball.com work tirelessly to improve the game for players and fans. The two businesses are also located within the Lone Star State, which means they’re committed to providing their home state with the highest quality of footballs and football news.

“TexasHSFootball.com is a premier news and information gateway for fans to remain up-to-date with Texas high school football,” said Chris Calandro, owner of Big Game USA. “They care about the game and the people that follow it, and those are the type of businesses we’re thrilled to work with.”

Visit BigGameUSA.com and TexasHSFootball.com to learn more.

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