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You missed awesome helmets and ‘Mean’ Joe by watching South Carolina and Georgia

Hey, check it out… more cool pub for Big Game USA. These helmets that North Texas defeated UNLV in were designed and created by us! That’s right — Big Game USA. What do you think? Check out the article below…

north texas unlv
North Texas-UNLV wasn’t the most intriguing game of the day, but you missed some cool stuff if your dial was set to the Heart of Dallas Bowl. Photo Credit: Jerome Miron/USA Today Sports Images

We’ve gotten used to seeing less-than-packed stadiums this bowl season, and the empty seats on display during North Texas’ 36-14 win over the UNLV showed the Heart of Dallas Bowl was no exception.

Sometimes you have to search far and wide for the silver lining.

Other times, it’s right on the surface.

The latter was the case on Wednesday afternoon in the 25th bowl game on the schedule. And if you were watching some of the juicier matchups on the first day of the new year, you might have missed the Mean Green sporting some of the coolest helmets of postseason.

Call us superficial, but looking good should count for something, and the green-on-black design was pretty awesome.


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