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Impress Your Team Members with a Personalized Commemorative Display Football

The holidays will be here before we know it, and for thousands of employees across the United States, it will soon be time to show appreciation for their clients with corporate gifts. There are tons of corporate gift ideas that companies can take inspiration from, but some of the more traditional gifts have started to become cliche. Let’s be honest: does anyone really want to have another gift basket taking up space in the office? If you’re looking to buck the trend of giving the same old corporate gifts, consider giving your team members a customized commemorative football! Commemorative Display Footballs make for a unique gift, and the amount of customization options available can allow your company to create the perfect thank-you gift for your clients and employees. Here’s why you should design a commemorative display football for your team this holiday season.

Customization Adds a Personal Touch

What goes into making a commemorative display football for your clients? Thanks to our decades-long experience in making handcrafted footballs, the sky’s the limit with football customization! For corporate gifting, adding your company’s logo and wordmark to the football is a popular personalization option. Another detail that can be added to a commemorative display football is text or images representing a milestone. For example, if a client has been a loyal customer of yours for several years, you can add embroidered text to the football that celebrates that milestone. You can also add individual names of a team member, customer, or client. Doing these things promotes brand recognition among your clients while expressing gratitude for your clients’ services. 

Perfect for the Sports Fans in Your Clientele

Millions of people across the country are obsessed with football, so what better way to say “thank you” than by giving a commemorative display football? Most corporate gifts are often forgettable and unoriginal (see gift basket from earlier), but few gifts stand out more than a customized display football. Plus, commemorative footballs make for a great display piece in your team members’ offices; it would look right at home in their office’s trophy case with a decorative display stand. Plaques and trophies are nice, but a display football is sure to impress your employees for years to come.

Our High-Quality Materials Make Every Football Special

The best gifts to give are the ones that the recipient would never buy for themselves, but would absolutely love to have. A similar concept applies to giving corporate gifts; the perfect corporate gift is one that your clients and employees will want to keep in their office as a symbol of their business relationship with your company. Our commemorative display footballs are always crafted by hand right here in our Dallas, Texas factory using premium materials. We understand how important it is for your company to make a good impression, so our team makes every display football to the same high standard as our official in-game footballs. 

The practice of exchanging corporate gifts every year can get tiresome, but our team at Big Game Football Factory is here to help you make this season more memorable. We’ve designed tens of thousands of commemorative display footballs since our company was founded 30 years ago, and we’re ready to help you create the ultimate corporate gift.

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