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Celebrating Women in Football: A Game Changer by Big Game Football Factory

Football has long been America’s favorite pastime, captivating millions with its blend of athleticism, strategy, and camaraderie. Traditionally, the narrative around football has been male-dominated, but times are changing. Women are stepping onto the gridiron with skill, determination, and a passion for the game that rivals their male counterparts.

Recognizing the incredible journey of women in sports, Big Game Football Factory is proud to introduce the first-ever football engineered specifically for women. This groundbreaking development not only highlights our commitment to advancing the women’s game but also solidifies our position as an industry game-changer.

Chris Calandro, President and Founder of Big Game Football Factory, shared his inspiration for this project: “It really clicked with me when I was approached by women players and leagues who felt disregarded by other brands. They couldn’t get anyone to take them seriously, and I just really wanted to help.” With decades of experience and insights from top players and coaches, we’ve crafted a football tailored to enhance performance and enjoyment for female athletes at all levels.

Our commitment to women’s football runs deep. Chris’s personal connection with seven sisters and three daughters fuels our passion for innovation and inclusivity within the sport. This dedication is echoed by our General Manager, Robbie Matamoros, a respected industry executive who brings invaluable insights and advocates for women’s participation in football.

“We are thrilled to introduce the first-ever football designed specifically for women, reaffirming our commitment to evolving the game and empowering female athletes,” said Chris Calandro. “With this groundbreaking innovation, we aim to redefine the game and foster greater inclusivity, ensuring women players feel valued, represented, and equipped to succeed on the field.”

Our women’s footballs are not just a product; they’re a symbol of empowerment, representation, and progress for women in sports. We’ve crafted these footballs for numerous leagues including the NAIA Women’s Flag Football as well as a custom football for the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC). “We spent a lot of time with players like Brittany Bushman and Michelle Roque to understand their needs and built a football specific to their feedback,” Chris explained.

From its smaller size and slimmer shape, tailored to fit smaller hands, to the Opposable Grip (OG) Stitch technology that provides unparalleled control, every detail of these footballs is crafted with the female athlete in mind. The soft leather isn’t just durable; it’s a reminder of the strength and spirit of women in football. Low-profile pebble laces offer supreme grip and control, turning every pass, catch, and kick into an opportunity to showcase skill and talent.

The launch of the women’s football underscores Big Game Football Factory’s dedication to driving positive change and promoting diversity in the sport. As we continue to pioneer new standards in football manufacturing, we remain steadfast in celebrating the unique talents of all athletes, regardless of gender.

Big Game Football Factory is committed to shaping the future of the game for all athletes. We’re not just making footballs; we’re making history. To learn more and place an order, click here or contact (972) 292-0700.

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