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gametag™ Q&As

What is gametag™?

Gametag™ is a microchip with a unique identification number and is manufactured into our footballs. This chip accesses valuable information about the history of each ball; such as when and where it was manufactured, what team it was made for, if the ball was used in a game, which game and if the ball is available for purchase.

When can I get the app?

The gametag™ app will be available for free download in the Android Play store this fall with later availability in the Apple App store.

How can I see the history of a gametag™ football?

The most exciting way to learn about the history of a gametag™ enabled football is by scanning the actual ball with your smartphone once the app is available. Simply open the app, tap the gametag™ symbol that is stamped on the ball. Upon scanning the ball, the app will give you all the details. You can also see the history of all gametag™ enabled footballs on our website. Click here to see a complete list of balls and the balls’ history (coming soon).

Where is the tracking chip installed in the football?

The gametag™ chip is placed inside the football while the ball is being manufactured. We place it just beneath the laces of select footballs Just look for the gametag symbol to see which footballs are tagged.

Can I get gametag™ installed on my own football?

Nope, have got to buy a gametag™ enabled football to scratch that itch.

Can I buy a football with this tracking chip in it?

Absolutely. Click here to view gametag™ enabled footballs ready for a good home.

What football teams are using balls with gametag™ now?

We are proud to announce that the US Naval Academy, Texas A&M, Nebraska, Mississippi State and many high schools will all be using gametag™ enabled footballs in the 2014-2015 season (see the list of gametag™ teams here). If your organization (college, high school, cooperation, etc.) is interested in using gametag™ enabled footballs, call us at 1 (972) 292-0700.

What a great idea! How come you didn’t think of this sooner?

The concept of microchipping isn’t a new idea… I guess we’re the only company crazy enough to try it on footballs.

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