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Big Game USA Football Factory Featured on ESPNU’s Road Trip

During the lead up to the College Football Playoff championship game earlier this month, ESPNU’s Road Trip show stopped by our new state-of-the-art football manufacturing facility in Dallas for a tour.

Hosts Ali Nejad and Rayven Tirado were given a personal tour of the factory by Big Game USA owner Chris Callandro. It was a funny walk through the process for making official size footballs as the hosts took turns operating the various machines we use here at the factory.

Before the tour, Ali and Rayven were told they could have a ball for free on one condition – if they make it themselves.

Under the guidance of our owner Chris, the hosts were taken through each step in the process where they would first receive a demonstration from a Big Game football “barista”. They would then get their turn.

To add even more humor to the show, Chris would chime in with some witty comments. Near the end of the segment, Rayven brings their completed ball where the laces were tied like a bow. Upon seeing their creation, Chris says “this is possibly the worst football we have ever made.”

Fortunately, Ali and Rayven were not forced to settle for their hand-made ball. At the end of the segment, Chris presents the two hosts with an official size football customized with the show’s logo.

We invite you to watch the segment below (begins at 9:00 minutes) for a light-hearted look at our football manufacturing process and tour of our new factory.

We also want to thank Ali and Rayven for stopping by, and hope they enjoyed their time here and much as we enjoyed hosting them.

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