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Big Game USA Creates Verifiable Football Pressure Device

Revolutionary air pressure indicator embedded into game footballs.

DALLAS, TX – May 15, 2015 – Big Game USA, the leading producer of NCAA Football Bowl


Subdivision (FBS) footballs, has created an innovative device that will authenticate the air pressure in official game footballs. This patent pending feature, known as Vairify™, will be an optional accessory that can be embedded into the football.

Game footballs are required to be inflated to at least 12.5 PSI according to collegiate and professional rules. When a Vairifty™ equipped football has 12.5 PSI or more, a green Vairify™ check mark will appear on the surface of the football. If the football isn’t properly inflated, the Vairify™ check mark will not be shown.

When a football is equipped with Vairify™, all game officials, coaches, players and even fans will be able to accurately confirm the football’s air pressure is correct.

“We created this device so anyone involved with the game can ensure the footballs have not been tampered with,” said Chris Calandro, Big Game USA owner.


Vairify™ has no effect on the weight, balance, grip and flight of the football. The lightweight and compact tool can be viewed while airing up a football so users know exactly when the ball hits 12.5 PSI. It can also notify you when it drops below the required pressure.

“It’s important for the fairness and integrity of the game to know that all game footballs have not been interfered with and remain properly inflated throughout the entire game,” Calandro said.

“We’re excited to provide an option that can do just that.”

About Big Game USA

Big Game USA is the leading manufacturer of official Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college game balls. Its premium leather footballs, from regulation to commemorative, are all handcrafted at Big Game’s state-of-the-art facility in Dallas. The company is the largest American-owned football factory and ships more FBS collegiate footballs than any other company in the world.

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